The AAA (Anti Aircraft Artillery) is a unit available for eliminating infantry and light vehicles.

The AAA requires 1 crewman to man it in order for it to fire. It is possible for the crewman to be killed either from an explosion or a bullet. Because of this, it is best to keep it back.  

The AAA can also shoot down airplanes, being the only unit that can do so. It fires explosive shells creating shrapnel lethal to aircraft, infantry and lightly armored vehicles like grenades. It is similar to Close Air Support and is very deadly despite its cost of 20 TP.

WARNING: An AAA will occasionally cause a friendly fire incident if the turret is trying to kill an enemy at close range, as shots can go wide, possibly hitting your own soldiers or buildings, or even blowing up crates. You cannot use officer commands like Hold Fire on this unit because it is a stationary unit.


  • The AAA was the first immobile unit before the .50 cal turret.
  • The AAA is the only Allied ground unit that fires flak ammunition, the Axis Unit(s) are the Flak Panzer and the Flak 38.
  • Kill one hundred (100) enemies with this, and you will earn the Air Defense Ribbon.
  • The AAA has approximately a 50% chance of shooting down enemy airplanes with 1 unit, about 100% with 2 units.
  • When the AAA downs a plane, there is an extremely small chance that an enemy pilot will bail out of his plane and land on the battlefield.
  • In the early versions of Mud and Blood 2 (2.2.2c or earlier), you could position the AAA inside the left or right sides of the battlefield making them invincible from being destroyed or unmanned. Now this cheap trick has been patched from being able to doing it again.