Aerial Close Support

Aerial Close Support


Aerial Close Support, Close Aerial Support (CAS), Aerial Support, Strafe Fire or Close Air Support - whatever you call it, it's all the same.

Close Air Support is a cheap, effective, and easy way to pin down, disable, kill or annihilate the enemy. It involves an Allied airplane swooping down and unleashing rounds of hell on the enemy with its cannons. CAS fires 17 rounds on the top half of the field, landing in 20 pixel increments starting at the midfield line. The last two rounds will land on the very top of the screen.

Usually only effective against infantry. It's used in anti-blitz wave strategies. If you're feeling evil, use this on a Volkssturm Blitz.

  • Use this enough times and you will earn the Air Command Ribbon.
  • This support is relatively useful against enemy enemy snipers and large crowds of Germans.
  • This is useful for destroying crates you can't reach in time, while keeping them out of German hands.
  • This is commonly used to counter sniper blitzes, as if you hit a sniper it reveals them and pins them, and has that small chance to kill.