The Arty or Artillery Strike requires only a signaler.

An off-map ground artillery position fires 1-8 of its standard-size explosive rounds on the field.

Good for pinning down the enemy or causing damage to annihilate vehicles and troops. Useful for killing annoying snipers while also killing large numbers of Germans in the later waves. It's also pretty good at destroying everything on the battlefield, just have your siggy call it in before he gets pinned. An additional round may be added if you have a scout on the field. Once you've killed 50 Germans with arty strikes, you'll get the Ground Controller Ribbon, which gives you more rounds of artillery per strike.


  • Artillery rounds have a good deal of fragmentation. Not as much as a bomb, but unlike a bomb you could get up to 8 rounds of arty.
  • Careful, some of your rounds may become Duds.