Enemy airplane

Axis Airplane

"How the hell does a stuka drop paratroo - ****, get DOWN!!" - Soldier pondering about the realism of the Ju 87 before getting peppered with CAS

The Axis Airplane Sturzkampfflugzeug, also known as the Ju87 'Stuka', can be shot down by an AAA gun or with the Air Superiority support command.

This thing strafes, bombs, and drops paratroopers on you.

Also 1st. SS Liebstandarte can call in axis airplanes.

How to kill it?Edit

How Do I Kill It?

  1. AAA guns can shoot the plane down
  2. Air Superiority command


  • This plane is easily recognized as a Stuka for its triangular shaped wings.
  • The silhouette of the plane that throw paratroopers and CAS is similar. However, the silhouette of the bomber is a different shadow.
  • The Stuka was a very effective divebomber, not a paraplane.
  • It was obsolete at the time of operation Luttich, and has been replaced by Jabos (abbrevation of Fighter-bomber) although some were fitted with 2 37mm guns and named "Kanonenvogel" (Cannon bird)