Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire can slow down enemies and damage them. Wire is a good obstacle, but it can damage and slow your men as well so don't put your men in it.
  • It is quite good at revealing the location of Brandenburg Infiltrators.
  • It can be destroyed by explosions or cut through by German Pioneers, as it is fragile.
  • It is also the main defense structure for the so-called 'Forts'.
  • Barbed wire does 1 damage for every splat of blood.
  • Not all units that pass through the barb wire are caught.

Strategic UsesEdit

Barbed wire is very good for stopping infantry troops. Whilst its ability to damage units is relatively insignificant its slow down ability is very useful when used properly. Barbed wire can stick a unit in a spot with similar effect as pinning. It can be used to stall units to be slaughtered, but also to keep enemies away from important places. Barbed wire reduces the need for close combat occurrences. For example it is good for keeping enemies away from entering a bunker like particularly annoying flamers. Barbed wire is relatively brittle and will be destroyed in a similar manner to sandbags, but so long as they serve their auxiliary purpose that is fine. Barbed wire is comparable to mines except less consumable. If making a line of barbed wire consider staggering the wire as to allow a passage for your troops whilst snaring enemies who walk straight down (most units other than snipers). To do so, simply leave a gap between 2 lines of wire and place the third set in front or behind the original 2 barbed wire lines rather than overlapping.

Barbed Wire VERSUS MinesEdit

Advantages of Barbed Wire against Mines

  • Slows Down enemies
  • Forms a wall (no gaps), though wont always slow down enemies.
  • Is not consumable

Advantages of Mines against Barbed Wire

  • Can effectively kill vehicles and infantry
  • Large blast radius
  • Is invulnerable unless stepped on or defused
Either way the main points to remember with either is to watch out for friendly fire (don't make your own units step on it). Both cost 1 TP and defend an area very well if used wisely.