The bayonet is only used in CQC. It increases a unit's CQC damage output by a non-variable number of 50. For the cost of 2 TP, it is supposedly well worth it. Note that the bayonet will not inflict damage if the attack misses or is blocked.

Useful if you have troops advance, or are keeping them near the top of the map. Keep men with bayonets in front so they can kill Germans in CQC fast. The bayonet makes your men much more likely to survive, and win in CQC.


Fit Sarge with a bayonet and the Close Combat Ribbon for an unstoppable CQC machine (220% +50 more damage!).

Bayonets have been used for hundreds of years in major wars, including:

  • The Revolutionary War.
  • The American Civil War.
  • The First World War (AKA: The War to End All Wars)

It is thought that it is the M1 bayonet or the Ka-Bar knife.