"This is a member of the secret unit called the Brandenburg. They are infiltration masters and carry a Luger P08 pistol."

                                                       — Official game quote 

"Argh!" - A Soldier who didn't see him coming.

He will attempt to sneak past your lines unnoticed, with the intent of helping to engage a slew of unfair events, (but be careful, any unit that gets past your lines can trigger those events). If he is spotted though, he'll try to use his highly-efficient Luger to kill his spotter and cloak again. He uses a more accurate two handed grip unlike officers who use one hand. He is one of the 3 Germans who can move and fire at the same time. If the infiltrator doesn't manage to kill the spotter with one whole clip, he'll try to cloak anyway.

Unlike enemy snipers, any regular unit can spot him at 50 pixels, with an additional chance of spotting as far as 200 pixels away, depending on his experience. Snipers can spot them anywhere, but do not reveal their position to the rest of the group. If you don't have a sniper, they can sneak across as they please and can pop up near your units. Sometimes you will see the sniper shooting the infiltrator and nothing comes out except a Luger. This means the guy is dead.

The Infiltrator will also uncloak if he is pinned. This guy is great in hand to hand combat!!! Barbed wire can be very useful in detecting Infiltrators on unguarded areas of the map.

Infiltrators also have their own Blitz which can cause serious trouble if not taken out.

BEWARE!!!! If you see a splat of blood with no Germans, (alive or dead) around it, a infiltrator could be sneaking past your lines.

How to kill him?Edit

  1. A sniper can spot one from any point on the battlefield and either kill him (you'll see a dropped Luger) or harm him and splatter blood and make him visible.
  2. Stray explosions may also uncover an infiltrator, but that is pure luck and not a reliable method for spotting infiltrators.
  3. Barbed Wire will spot any infiltrator going through because blood will splatter and uncover his position.
  4. If you see random blood splatters, aim a Concentrate Fire in the area

Lethal AbilitiesEdit

The Infiltrator is a unit made for close quarters combat, only being spotted within 200 pixels, so they are equipped with a deadly Luger and, even, a knife. The Infiltrator was the first ever unit to have a knife, well before patch 2.2.7a and the introduction of the bayonet into the game. It is unknown whether the knife is just cosmetic or whether it gives the +50 damage in CQC that the bayonet gives.

Infiltrators will most likely kill your soldier in CQC, but Sarge and Officers have much better chances of survival than normal grunts due to their CQC bonus/high morale.