Cam Net

The Cam Net can be deployed by your engineer for 5 TP.

It offers you visual protection against enemy intelligence, so you can safely have more than six men on the battlefield without getting mauled by artillery, air raids or by other enemy support. This requires you to "hide" troops under the cam net such that no more than six units are visible at any one time.

Of course, these are very fragile, and even the smallest explosion can destroy them. Therefore, it is advisable to have an engineer place some sandbags in front of them to absorb fragmentation. Try to save a handy 5 TP to replace if needed.

An enemy 1st SS Liebstandarte can render these ineffective for 10 seconds, but they are not permanently damaged. However, within those 10 seconds, enemy support might be used on your position, so make sure you prioritise him quick.