The Engineer can build structures and defenses, lay mines, and plant TNT. Engineers are armed with an M3 Grease Gun. They cost 4 TP each.

Engineers are often overlooked, not just of their essential building and defensive capabilities, but, like any unit, an engineer is amazing at killing once he has leveled up enough. Often some people may buy a engineer and Spec Ops in Close Protection and a trench and let loose using the 2 Grease Guns. The default grease gun has decent stopping power and suppressive capabilities.

These units are very important for people who want to use more than six units because of their camnets, which makes units under them not count towards your unit count. He could prevent a bomb or an arty strike from dropping on your troops.

Engineers can defuse Duds and enemy TNTs. After defusing a dud your engineer gains 1 XP and after defusing an enemy TNT, he gains 3 XP and a free TNT charge.