"These are German paratroopers also known as Fallschirmjäger. They are elite soldiers armed with the dreaded FG 42."     — Official game quote

German Paratroopers are pretty much just like the Allied Paratroopers, they can come in huge numbers on a para-blitz wave. They come equipped with the powerful FG-42. It is very accurate and will kill your men in 2-3 hits.

A warning will be displayed of a 'Plane sighted!' Be afraid and hope they land on trees because for these guys, as with all paratroopers landing on trees hurts them badly. Once on the ground they have a vulnerable 5-10 second frame where they are struggling out of their Parachute harness, which should be taken advantage of, by shooting them repeatedly until their death becomes a welcome reprieve. Two max-ranked gunners should eliminate all of them before they can get up.

If the map happens to resemble a forest, these guys shouldn't be a problem, as they will likely be damaged by falling into trees.

Your AAA is also threat for these guys as it can shoot down the plane that is carrying them.