50 Cal

.50 Cal

For the mere price of 6 TP, you can get an infantry shredder that can also damage and even destroy some vehicles. But power does not come without cost.

As the name implies, you can't move this thing, and explosives can wipe it out. Also, it is slow-firing compared to other machine-guns, and therefore cannot lay any suppressive fire. It also doesn't receive a fire rate bonus like a ginner when in a bunker.

The crewman on the Fifty can be shot off, rendering it useless.

Other units equipped with the fifty is the jeep and a Sherman that can be fitted with a .50 gunner on top. It costs 6 tactical points for the jeep and 4 for the tank, but both lacks the accuracy of the stationary fifty and is a larger target. However, it is a fast reactor and draws fire more effectively from your other soldiers.


  • It cannot move.
  • It has no aiming delay.
  • It is capable of destroying bikes, PAK-38's and Blitzwagens.
  • It is still used in modern warfare.
  • When destroyed a soldier similar to the Wehrmacht soldier falls down.