"This is a German officer. He is armed with a Walther P38 and can call reinforcements."      — Official game quote

A commanding officer of the Germans. They are usually busy at base planning the next attack, so only a few will dare to take the field to take care of you and your men. He isn't much of a shot, but his higher rank will allow him to use options not given to other units. He is weak, but feared for his ability to call support and extra waves. They should be a high priority targets for any Allied commander who has taken out all immediate threats (as in Wespes or Tigers). Kill them fast. If you have snipers, they will usually prioritize German Officers right away.


  • All officers have blonde hair, by order of the Führer (Heil Hitler!).
  • The German officer is currently the only unit who can call additional units on to the battlefield.
  • There is a slight glitch with the 'dead' animation for the German Officer. The 'dead' graphic has the officer's cap lying next to his head. The way that the game is coded means that dead bodies move if you shoot them. In the case of the officer, this results in his hat moving as the body twitches!