"You can only have one half track per mission, other commanders want them too." -When attempting to afford another one.

This is an Allied half-track, the M3. Sadly, our half-track is not a troop carrier, but it is modular and can be fitted to commander's needs, much like the real M3. This is the very first modular unit and came in the Xmas patch in version 2.2.7. You can only call it in once per game.

The Half Track is both a blessing and a curse due to the limitation of one per mission - it can deliver an extreme punch into the enemy's lines, but when you will lose it, there's no calling back, just like in the case of the Sarge. Shall you ever keep it alive long enough, though, it can be a priceless force, especially when equipped with a module while being a high-rank. Keeping it alive is vital, and if you can defend it, it will defend you as well.

With five variations, it is a customizable vehicle. Get 12 TP and then cash them in if you want a different weapon set.

Tip on using field hospital and pillbox: Because of the fact a pillbox can fit the half track inside it, do a simple trick: make a half track turn into field and put in in pillbox. Voila! You have a nearly indestructible medical post! Just put your wounded soldiers in it and they are covered in the safe might of the pillbox and rapidly healed by the friendly field hospital on a half track. You can also do the same with the other passive versions of the half track, the Mobile HQ. The problem with this tactic is that a direct hit by explosives will cause damage to the Half Track.

If the gunner has low rifle skill, he can still be useful as a fire suppressor . You will also be able to buy upgrades from the logistics menu. Even after you upgrade the half track into a better model, its starting gunner will still remain. This means it can attack two targets simultaneously, making it the first ever unit to do so. Both the upgrade and the standard machine gun gain experience for the vehicle. At higher ranks, this vehicle can turn into ultimate weapon of doom, which can annihilate anything that dares to enter the battlefield.


  • The gunner behaves differently from the standard gunner. He fires in shorter, more accurate bursts and target switches less often making him an eliminator rather than a suppressor.
  • Even if the driver is shot out of the half-track, you can still move it as if someone was in it (This is because the gunner is classed as a Driver).