The Jeep has mobility and moderate firepower all rolled into one. Its only armament is a Browning .50 cal heavy machine gun. It is great for pinning down infantry. As the jeep is one of the fastest units on the field, besides the medic, it is a great crate fetcher.

The two man-crew can be harmed and if one is killed you can call in a crew member to replace either the driver or gunner (gunner taking priority). The Jeep costs 6 TP and comes with a driver and gunner."


The jeep is a hulking car equipped with a .50 machine gun that is the same type as the static HMG that you can deploy for 6 TP. The main difference between both guns is that the jeep sacrifices accuracy for mobility.

While the humans can be harmed, the jeep itself can actually take damage also, only from grenades and the like though, because it is a vehicle.


  • The jeep has a low fire rate considering it has a machine gun emplacement, but its bullet damage can result in 1-hit-KOs.
  • If your jeep driver is killed, your gunner can still fire, but he is now static (unmoving).
  • If your gunner is killed, your jeep can still move, but loses all firepower.
  • If both are killed, the jeep will not disappear and can still be used as cover.
  • In real life the jeep was used up until the Vietnam war, after that it was replaced by the Hummer.
  • In the first stable version of Mud and Blood 2 (2.0.0) the jeep was actually pretty slow.
  • The jeep used to cost 10 Tp.
  • The model of jeep in question is the Willis MB, it was although made by other companies as well.
  • When both crewmen are killed. And some enemy vehicle, Panzer IV, Tiger Tank, Kubelwagen or a single MG42 operator enters the battlefield. The crewless jeep can act as a meatshield. But, only if the jeep is in the mid-part of the battlefield.
  • The jeep rarely appears in most tactics.