The Kar98k is the most common weapon in MnB2. It is used by Panzergrenadiers, Wehrmacht, and Volkssturm. It is a 5-shot bolt action rifle, similar in almost every way to the American Springfield rifle. The bolt action is the best in the world, copied on every major hunting and sniper rifle today. In fact, the Springfield is an American copy of the Mauser 98. It can be deadly in hands of a marksman, but ultra-deadly in the German Sniper's hands.

Soldiers using it have a slower rate of fire, but this is comparable to the Springfield.


  • In real life, the Kar98k does not have a magazine jutting out of the gun as shown in game, this feature was unique to the British Lee-Enfield SMLE rifle.
  • Exactly 14,643,260 were made before the end of WW2