"This is a Kübelwagen mounted with a MG42.It's role is to provide firepower and mobility to the current assault."                                                           — Official game quote This bad boy will race through to a position, unload suppressive fire, then keep going and laying suppressive fire. It's soft-skinned, so a Zook, an AT Gun, or even a Gunner will kill it, though if everything goes wrong, mines do the job. It also appears in the nasty Panzerkampfwagen Blitz with its best friend, the Panzer IV. It's the German equivalent of your Jeep. Kübelwagens will not count as flankers if they pass your lines.

How do I kill it?Edit

Easy to kill, the crew can be shot out, or you could just blow it up. Grenades can also kill it if lands on its center. Mines or TNT will work also. After patch 2.2.7b Kübelwagen with crew dead, no longer count as vehicle on the battlefield and do not catch crates. But 'zooks still count them as vehicles and will aim for them.