M1 Carbine

M1 Carbine

 The M1 Carbine is a lightweight, semi-automatic rifle. It costs 2 TP, comparable to the M1 Garand. (In reality, unlike most carbines, the M1 carbine has one part in common with the M1 rifle—a short buttplate screw—and it fires a different cartridge.) The Carbine has the best pinning capability of any rifle in the game.

The Scout deploys with this rifle.

M1 Carbine VERSUS M1 Garand

Advantages of M1 Carbine against the Garand

  • Faster reloading time
  • Greater close-range bonus
  • Larger magazine
  • Target Switching 

Disadvantages of M1 Carbine against the Garand

  • Less damage
  • Shorter range

The M1 Carbine was a weapon that people used to rarely use, but after the Springfield was nerfed it is frequently equipped to soldiers. Not much can be said about this weapon due to the mystery of its true potential. Well-trained shooters can fire this weapon at a very high rate. This weapon is uber-deadly in the hands of a NCO. Those who think this gun is the best argue it combines and balances the fire rate of a machine gun with the stopping power of a Tommy Gun. Try equipping a Spec Ops with it for fast rank-ups and kills.