M2 Flamethrower


The M2 Flamethrower is a weapon exclusive to the Flamethrower unit and perhaps the most famous flamethrower of all time.

The flamethrower is lethal at short range, engulfing any unit or tree in its vicinity with a large blast of flame. Units are killed if they do happen to become alighted, though after running around the battlefield ablaze.

However, the flamethrower does have its weaknesses. Flamethrowers are not effective against vehicles whatsoever, and the river of flame itself is limited to a short range. If shot directly in the tank, the flamethrower will explode, killing the user and/or anyone close the the user.

Friendly Fire is also a factor. Not only can a flamethrower barbecue your squad directly from the flame, but any unit set ablaze can also spread the inferno to another being. This method is sometimes more effective at causing blazes than the direct fire itself.

It's not very nice to burn trees with the flamethrower, but you may be awarded the Kyoto Ribbon for your efforts. The BBQ Ribbon is awarded for flaming 50 enemies and gives a 1% chance to start off with a flamer.

Tips N' TricksEdit

1. Never go near a flamethrower in CQC (Close Quarters Combat).

2. Always move your flamethrowers to the top to lower German morale and numbers.

3. Never underestimate a flamethrower, it can quickly spread fire to every nearby unit.


There is a small flame burning under the nozzle at all times.