"Mechanic: The soldier that can help you in fixing up vehicles. They can shoot, unlike Medics. A mechanic will cost 3 TP but may save your 20 TP Tank or Land Mattress. "

This is the only soldier that can repair vehicles. You may want to use him if you are planning on using lots of Tanks, Jeeps and mechanized units. It is also useful to let them get a couple of crates to increase their XP and make them repair faster.

This unit will not repair whilst shooting his pistol.


One Mechanic will repair a unit very slowly, so it's better to have two mechanics for one machine if you want it repaired quickly. It's also a good idea to station mechanics in a pillbox when not in use, to keep them safe. They can also repair multiple units if they are close by, so units get fixed much faster.


  • Mechanic is the only unit in game that carries not a backpack, but a red toolbox. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, a Mechanic is not an engineer (engineers build things, mechanics fix things).
  • Mechanics have bigger and more muscular forearms than any other soldier on the field.
  • Turning wrenches is hard work.
  • Mechanics will leave gears, bolts, and other items on the battle zone.
  • This will probably be the unit that you'll accidentally call the most since its shortcut is only "P" which is pause in many other games.
  • He will also drop some props when he is repairing: screws, scrap metals, oil, springs and bolts.
  • When he dies his little red tool box will lay there.