Mines are the perfect weapon to incapacitate enemy vehicles and personnel at a certain distance. 

For 1 TP, three mines can be deployed anywhere within a 100 pixel radius of the engineer.

They blow up whenever any unit moves within a certain range (clarify please). They now have increased frag damage, with less anti tank capabilities thanks to the new AT Mines. They do not recognize Allies from Nazis and blow up either way.

Mines are used in many strategies due to their high stopping power.

In an experiment, it was observed that a mine's blast radius is divided to two parts: an outer radius of 150 pixels where 150 damage is dealt uniformly, and an inner radius of 40 pixels, which is the gib radius.

Mines can be booby-trapped and then leave a little surprise for Germans who try to defuse them...

Strategic UsesEdit

Mines are very good for stopping infantry troops and vehicles. It is very good from keep enemies away from important places or letting you get swarmed and reduces the need for close combat occurences. Mines are consumable after use and disappear after being triggered (but will leave a nice blast and hole where a vehicle or enemy was). The mines can be triggered by any unit stepping or driving on it and can kill your own units if they step on the mines. It is recommended to put mines in the middle ground between your battle lines and the enemy's spawn point. Mines can be triggered by burning people and while not kill them, renders them harmless. However, there are gaps in which enemy infantry may walk through between mines. It is particularly effective against stacks of enemies due to this point and its blast radius. Mines are similiar to barbed wire in the manner of defense, but are different in a few ways as shown below.

Barbed Wire VERSUS MinesEdit

Advantages of Barbed Wire against Mines

  • Slows Down enemies
  • Can form a wall (no gaps), though wont always slow down enemy
  • Is not consumable

Advantages of Mines against Barbed Wire

  • Can effectively kill vehicles and infantry
  • Large blast radius
  • Is invulnerable unless stepped on

Either way the main points to remember with either is to watch out for friendly fire (don't make your own units step on it. Both cost 1 TP and defend an area very well if used wisely.