Noticeable for launching shells at the enemy, the Mortar is a good support unit. 

While they lack accuracy, mortar shells have a good exploding radius and can take out small, lightly-armored vehicles with a direct hit and pin down advancing Germans.

Due to their slow rate of fire, it is common for players to stick 2-3 in a Mortar Pit which allows for an average of 3-4 mortar shells fired every 5 seconds or so.

Your good old mortar is a perfect weapon to shred enemy infantry, especially in Mortar Pits. It is not really good in fight with tanks, but it acts like German soldiers' worst nightmare to match your Sherman tank and artillery.

The worst thing is the fact that he is a priority target. This means that it is commonly shot at, and may be pinned. Your mortars have another drawback: they can't fire in Bunkers or under Cam nets, and they need a direct Line of Sight to shoot if not paired with a Scout.

Not being able to fire under Cam nets also means you can only deploy 6 at max to follow the 6 man rule.