"This bad boy is a Nebelwerfer, a 6 barrelled rocket launcher. It can deliver a considerable punch into your defenses but takes forever to reload."

                                    — Official game quote

The Nebelwerfer (more commonly called Nebel) can wreak mass havoc and commotion on your lines with its 6 rockets. Like a Land Mattress, but German, mobile and sometimes arrives on the battlefield in packs. Slow to reload and aim, which means you have enough time to kill one with an AT unit or weapon before it fires. Miss, and it will unleash chaos, and you will be sorry because it is also a Bunker Buster. The Nebelwerfer is a key component of a Mobile Artillery Blitz.

You really want to disable it fast, don't take chances.

How do I destroy it?Edit

  1. Large explosives (bazooka rockets and up) can completely destroy the vehicle.
  2. Grenades can destroy the vehicle or kill the crew on it.
  3. .50 caliber fire can destroy it.
  4. Normal bullets (preferably automatic fire) can kill the crew and render the vehicle unusable.