Opel Blitzwagen

Opel Blitzwagen

 "This is an Opel Blitz wagon. It can drop up to 8 guys very close to your lines."

                                  — Official game quote

The Opel Blitzwagen is not much of a threat unless it slides past your defense.

There is one driver and 1-8 troops (Volkssturm, Panzergrenadiers, or Wehrmacht). The driver will pull the truck up to a certain random point if he is not shot out. If the truck makes it to that position, troops will pile out of it until empty. If still unharmed, the driver will proceed to drive the truck back.

If the zook destroys the truck, it can STILL be cover to other incoming zook rounds.

Large explosives (rockets and up) can destroy the truck and everybody in it, counting as only one exp for the zook, but gives 2-9 kills, depending on how many troops were in it.

Opels also come more often if you are over the Six Man Rule.

How do I destroy it?Edit

  1. Large explosives (bazooka rockets and up) can completely destroy the vehicle
  2. Grenades can kill drivers/passengers or destroy the vehicle itself if it lands dead center.
  3. Bullets can kill the people inside. If the driver is killed, the vehicle is immobile for good.


  • Blitzwagen means: "The dare of the lightning and." Can also mean "lightning vehicle".
  • When it is being fired at, if you penetrate its 'soft skin' and hit the men inside, there is a 50% chance that you will hit the driver and a 50% divided by the number of people who are in it chance that you will hit a passenger. This makes it much more likely that you will hit the driver (as an individual) than anyone else in the truck, making stopped trucks a regular occurrence.