Panzer IV2

Panzer IV

 "Here we have a Panzer IV medium tank. It's primary role is to support infantry and to rip you a new one."

— Official game quote The most common of all the tanks (Tiger Tank, Wespe and Flak Panzer). It is closest in resemblance to your tank and has a main 75 mm cannon and a MG34.

It's job is to pry-open your vehicles and structures with its main gun, while at the same time pinning your infantry with the MG34. If given the opportunity the panzer will turn into a Bunker Buster on you and make your day end badly.

It should be feared as it can seriously harm your infantry, but does not specialize in anything. A solid zook round will bang it up nastily.

How do I destroy it?Edit

  1. Large explosives (bazooka rounds and up) will completely destroy the tank
  2. Grenades can destroy the tank with a perfect hit.
  3. Or mines and TNT will work too.