Similar to the Bunker, the Pillbox is actually the ultimate defensive structure. Nothing can destroy it, not even multiple Naval Artillery rounds. Therefore, it is great to use it when you're under heavy artillery fire. It costs as much as a bunker, but is larger.

But it has a MAJOR drawback: Soldiers can't see the battlefield from inside it, even though they sometimes fire at enemies when they ordered to concentrate fire. Due to this drawback, the Pillbox is not a good structure to keep a squad in although it can prevent your people from being hurt. Also, it blocks line of sight.

However, the troops inside a Pillbox cannot survive a direct hit from a V1 rocket or a German Flamethrower. If one of these comes into contact with units stored in the Pillbox, they will catch on fire. This isn't a glitch.

You can only build one pillbox per battlefield.

Strategic UsesEdit

  • Some keep their signalers in it once they have high exp so they can call in support and not get killed (and have to get a new, slow calling signaler).
  • Others keep an Officer in it with a Sarge and try and rank the officer while providing ultimate protection.
  • You can also build a "Medic Hut." That is a Pillbox with a few medics in it, then when your soldiers are harmed, you move them into the pillbox either one by one or multiple at a time. You then raise them to 100 HP and then move them back out onto the battlefield to resume normal combat roles.
  • It can act as a bigger version of a palisade, but use of this can be problematic.
  • Engineers can place mines/TNT around the pillbox while being inside allowing some form of anti-tank defence.