Ranger Training


Ranger Training allows you to give one of your infantry units extra rifle skill (between 1-15, picked randomly) and a dose of morale building (between 1-20), for the cost of 5 TPs. It also gives an M1 Garand (to units that can use it) and grenades.

The amount of rifle and morale given is random, but it also varies with the unit that you give it to. Snipers, Officers, Crewmen, Flamethrowers and Mechanics, always get 15 rifle and morale when given Ranger Training. There is no limit to the number of times you can give it to the same soldier.

Be aware that the M1 Garand given will always replace your soldier's current weapon (if that troop type accepts weapon changes) – he could have a BAR, it won't matter: he'll lose it.

If you do the math, the morale boost costs 1 TP, the M-1 costs 2 TP, the grenades cost 1 TP and the rifle boost is priceless, so it can be considered a good bargain.


Medics can receive Ranger Training, but it will only increase morale by 15, and will not affect rifle. It will say: "It is relatively pointless to give this upgrade to a medic."

  • Improving replacement crewmen will transfer the benefits to the vehicles they operate.
  • If you have the Xmas Ribbon, you'll get your first Ranger Training for free at the start of every new game.