Rifle Grenade

Rifle Grenade

Rifle Grenades, (A.K.A. RGs) can be equipped by any soldier except for Snipers, Officers, Crew Members, Mechanics, Medics, Bazooka Troops, Flamers, Mortar Troops and Gunners. These can only be fired if the soldier is armed with a Springfield, M1 Garand, or M1 Carbine. They have a much longer range than a hand grenade, but they have a much larger minimum range than hand grenades, and slightly less lethality. RGs cost 2 TP, and once equipped, they cannot be unequipped, so be careful, or friendly fire may occur.

Rifle grenades are capable of being fired more often than normal grenades, and unlike hand grenades, they have a small anti-tank capability, although the grenade must hit the tank dead center or it will not work. Rifle grenades can also be shot out of bunkers, while hand grenades cannot.


  • RG's can be equipped to all troops with rifles, but they can also be equipped to troops with SMG's, BAR's and shotguns. In the latter case, they will not be used.
  • In real life, using an RG with a weapon requires that the weapon be modified with an elongated, perforated barrel.
  • For an RG to fire, a soldier would have to unload or reload all his ammo in the weapon, then load it with blanks. If an RG were fired in real life with live ammo, it would explode and kill the operator. New developments in RGs have led to "bullet traps", meaning live ammo can be used, but it is less effective. This invention required the pressure and launch from the ammunition itself for the propelling force. Blanks maintain gas propulsion, but do not contain a live round which will detonate the explosive in the barrel. This weapon would have been used in the same capacity as the grenade launchers (specialized or underslung) as of today. It did have a larger range.
  • Some people called the RG "the pocket rocket" It is a nice name for a deadly "rocket" like this and it rhymes.
  • RG's CAN be shot out of camnets

Attempts to give RG's to the wrong unitsEdit

"This soldier cannot operate rifle grenades...although it would be very cool." -The Gunner

"You can't give grenades to this soldier." -The Medic

"Handing rifle grenades to a driver is like giving a map to a Lt...don't." -The Crewman

"Sadly, rifle grenades are not used by snipers." -The Sniper

"You do realize you're trying to give rifle grenades to a mechanic, right?" -The Mechanic

"If you think flamers can use rifle grenades you might experience few more difficulties with this game." -The Flamethrower

"Sadly, pistols can't accommodate rifle grenades.. Hey, maybe pistol grenades, who knows." -The Officer

"When a Commander gives rifle grenades to mortar soldiers, you know it's gonna be a bad day..." -The Mortar

"Using rifle grenades and zooks together is considered an act of natural selection. Please don't." -The Bazooka