Sabotage missions are called by an Officer for 2 TP and let you send a Frenchie behind enemy lines to cause trouble and save you some time in the future. Your unit will immediately march at a brisk pace to the top of the battlefield, during which he will be exposed, so try to keep the enemy at bay until he makes it through.

The more experienced your unit, the higher the chance of him successfully completing the operation, the better your rewards are. If you send multiple units at a time, their experience is combined.


Your frenchie got killed (the most common).
Effect: None, but you lost your frenchie(s).

  • Your frenchie blew up a German bridge.
    Effect: Germans can't send armored units at you for 5 waves.
  • Your frenchie blew up a German airfield.
    Effect: Germans can't call air support for 5 waves.
  • Your frenchie blew up a German ammo dump.
    Effect: Germans can use Panzergrenadiers but can't use grenades, panzerschrecks or mortars for 10 waves.
  • Your frenchie blew up a German HQ.
    Effect: You get 8 TPs.


  • When a Frenchie failed to do anything to the Germans, you will hear a distinctive sound of an MP-40 and the screaming sound of your noobish Frenchie.
  • If your Frenchie got killed by your mine or air support on their way to sabotage, it will be counted as an epic fail.
  • Your Frenchie doesn't come back, sadly.