Sarge is... well, a Sarge (30 XP right away with 30+ Rifle Skill).

This dude of pure destruction shows up ready to rock. He carries a Tommy Gun and Frag Grenades and has 125 health. But his epicness doesn't end there. He has a skill to boost a soldier's morale. If he is near a soldier who is under 20 morale, he will yell things like "Anyone having as much fun as me?", "This way, kid.", and "Get up!".

Each time he does this, all nearby troops under 20 morale get 1 morale point. He can also unpin nearby pinned troops, and he will "Baby sit a green officer" which means he gives them 1 exp point, up to 50 exp. When he unpins a soldier, he yells things like "Get your rear in gear!".

Having seen combat more than anyone else, Sarge is a real badass in close combat (he does 200% more damage), not hesitating to use dirty tricks or vicious blows to end up being the guy who walks away at the end. Fit Sarge with a bayonet and the Close Combat Ribbon for an unstoppable CQC machine (220%+50 damage!).

Sarge can be a weapon all by himself and it's possible for him to get 100+ kills alone.

But be careful. If he dies everyone's morale is divided by two, in addition to the standard morale loss. Also, when he dies, you can't call another Sarge. It simply says: There is only one Sarge...


  • Some people think that Sarge is an upgraded Spec Ops with better equipment, more starting health, a morale boosting bark and the ability to give a rookie officer exp. The truth is Spec Ops are downgraded versions of Sarge.
  • Sarge is the only Allied unit wearing dark-green.
  • Sarge's voice clips are taken from Francis, a character in the zombie survival game Left 4 Dead.
  • Just like the Mechanic drops stuff while repairing things, Sarge drops cigarette butts from time to time (every time he finishes the smoking animation).
  • Sarge and the Half Track are the only allied units that can only be deployed once per mission.
  • It was possible for Sarge to train multiple officers at the same time (Sarge farm). This could lead into 2-3, possibly even more officers adding morale, TP and reducing flankers at incredible speed. Though, this was removed at patch 2.2.7c.
  • Regular soldiers can rank up to Sergeant.
  • When he dies you may be able to see little puffs of smoke still coming out of his mouth.