"This is a SdKfZ 222, a heavy armored car that serves hit and run purposes."

                                — Official game quote

This is the German reconnaissance vehicle, a lightly armored and fast four wheeled car. This little baby wanders in from the sidelines, stops and brutalizes your defense for a few seconds, then drives off the screen (if you haven't destroyed it). Slightly like a vehicle version of the Brandenburger, although this unit will not attempt to bypass your lines, instead leaving by the same method it entered, through the side. This vehicle is extremely accurate, and will kill units located in bunkers and the open with equal ease. Sometimes they may come early in the game.

The MG-42/20mm gunner can be shot off of the vehicle, rendering it powerless. Also, when you blow it up, four dead men appear in the wreckage.


Even after the gunner is shot off, your units will continue to fire at the vehicle. You will actually hear members of the crew yelling in pain, even though they will not die.