German halftrack

 "This is a SdKfz, it's an armored halftrack who drops soldiers close to your defenses."

                                            — Official game quote

The SdKfz's actual name is the Sonderkraftfahrzeug .251. It packs a large punch with its MG-42, and is pretty annoying when everybody except the driver is shot out. Think of the SdKfz as a pimped-out Opel Blitzwagen, with similar purpose and troop transport capabilities. They can drop up to 4 men very far down the field, sometimes completely bypassing your advance defenses. The SdKfz's main drawback is its low unit capacity compared to the Opel Blitzwagen.

How do I destroy it?Edit

  1. Don't bother aiming for the driver. The vehicle is sufficiently armored to prevent his death, but the machine gunner can be shot out along with it's passengers. You can destroy it outright with an AT unit or Bazooka. You can eventually destroy it with regular bullets but it takes a very long time. If you do manage to destroy it with regular bullets the remains of a wrecked PAK 38 will appear.
  2. If you have some very skilled Spec Ops with BARs, or NCO Gunners, they will probably kill the gunners, and the rest of the crew members before the SdKfz can even drop any soldiers off. The halftrack will retreat and regroup if all the crew except the driver are dead, and it WILL be back.
  3. You can put their drivers on the highway to hell if you have the Halftrack, preferably with the Gun Boat upgrade. It will do a good job when it comes to wrecking these vehicles into scrap metal.
  4. An engineer could deploy a mine in it's way and destroy it in one blast. Drawback is the high change of losing your engineer without destroying the half-track.