Sherman M4


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tank is an M4 Sherman, with a 75 mm main gun and a .30 cal Browning Machinegun. It's immune to small arms fire, so only explosions and flak can damage it. A single accurate hit from AT weaponry will completely destroy it; this does NOT include grenades that land dead center. It can be used as cover to protect your soldiers, who can fire over the tank without any penalties.

The tank's main weapon will prioritize enemy vehicles over infantry. Its explosions have very little fragmentation, so anyone near the explosion is not likely to be damaged. While the main gun fires often, it also frequently misses, so any enemies close to your troops may cause friendly fire.

The tank's secondary weapon, being coaxial, cannot fire at a different target from the main gun, thus when the tank is using one, it will not use the other. In previous patches, the tank's coaxial machine gun was quite inaccurate and was only useful for pinning; however, since tanks can now gain rifle skill, the .30 turns into a lethal anti-infantry weapon within a few ranks.

Due to their high health, tanks will benefit greatly from constant Mechanic maintenance.


In previous versions of MnB2, tanks didn't fire much, and they had a lot of fragmentation. It's been reduced now, but the high rate of fire makes up for it.

  • This is the only Allied tank in the game so far.
  • Although the Bazooka's damage has been nerfed against Tiger tanks, the Sherman's gun will still destroy Tiger tanks in 1 hit. The M3 AT Gun also retains its damage, but fires much slower. However, it only costs 8 TP, compared to the tank's 20.
  • Trying to get a tank without 20 TP, and you will be given this notification: "You don't have enough tactical points!! I know it's expensive but hey, it does kick serious arses though."