The Springfield is the standard-issue rifle given to Soldiers, Signalers and Frenchies, and it is second to none in power and range. Only the scoped version of the same weapon, employed by Snipers, can attain a higher performance, but it is not available to other units.

The Springfield does, however, have a slow firing rate. After firing a shot, due to its bolt-action design, the wielder will have to pause to operate the bolt and then re-acquire the target on his sights, incurring a significant delay, while with a semi-automatic rifle, such as the M1 Garand, he can fire multiple shots in short sequence.

Don't underestimate it though: a 100 XP troop can chamber another round within half a second! The bolt action gives it a special advantage, too: by restarting the firing sequence after each shot, the wielder will never waste time firing extra shots at a dead enemy and will be ready for the next one. Lastly, it allows the wielder to launch Grenades/Rifle Grenades more frequently, because they are only used at the moment a soldier acquires a new target - which, with the Springfield, happens all the time!


In real life, an Air Force Springfield would have a 25 round clip.

  • The Springfield's 5-round clip is never actually shown being reloaded.
  • Maxed-out troops used to enjoy unstoppable firing speeds with the Springfield, until they were nerfed around the time of patch 2.2.6a.
  • The two versions of the Springfield each have their own characteristic firing sound, despite being technically the same weapon.