Sticky bomb

Sticky Bomb

A Sticky or Sock Bomb is an anti-tank weapon available exclusively to Paratroopers. The trooper must be close to the target in order to lay the timed charge, and must retreat quickly to escape the explosion, which is capable of destroying just about any vehicle.

When the sock bomb is on a tank and the tank is destroyed before the bomb blows up, the sock bomb will lie on the ground and explode. They can also destroy rocks.

The Sock bomb is composed of a sock, a covering of grease to make the bomb stick, and a stuffing of explosives. When applied to the side of a vehicle, the fuse is lit and the explosion will happen in about 6 seconds. It has a large gib radius, about the size of TNT explosions. Be careful.

The sticky bomb is also probably a reference to Saving Private Ryan, just like in the description of the Flak 38.