Tommy Gun


The Thompson Submachine Gun, or the "Tommy Gun," is the only submachine gun that can be bought. Like all submachine guns, the Tommy Gun has a short effective range and low accuracy, but it makes up for this with quick bursts, which are often shorter then those of other automatic weapons. This allows the Thompson to kill more enemies with a single clip, and, along with the high damage, makes it quite useful in the hands of a veteran. It is often compared with the Grease Gun.

Tommy Gun VERSUS M3 Grease Gun

Advantages of Tommy Gun against the M3 Grease Gun

  • Better damage
  • Better range
  • Can be bought
  • Smaller bursts (more ammo conserving)

Disadvantages of Tommy Gun against the M3 Grease Gun

  • Worse CQC
  • Worse range malus
  • Smaller bursts (lower chance of killing enemy)

Unlike its equivalent, the M3 Grease Gun, the Tommy Gun has pretty good damage, matching that of the M1 Carbine and the Browning M1919, allowing it to kill in a few direct hits. The Tommy gun also has 50 px more range than the M3 Grease Gun (200), but because of the Tommy Gun's high Range malus (3), it has greatly reduced accuracy against targets beyond its 200px range while still remaining somewhat reliable. Overall, the Tommy gun is superior to the M3 Grease Gun while within its effective range, but it becomes less reliable beyond it.