A trench is a defensive structure that provides average protection against bullets and cannot be destroyed. Grenades and other explosions do more damage to soldiers in a trench. It can be teamed up with a Bunker for increased protection and damage resistance.


  • The Trench was the only indestructible defense in MnB2 before the Mortar Pit and Pillbox were released.
  • When placed, its angle is generated randomly, and may come out above or below where you placed it. Provides average bullet protection and gives you that false safe feeling.
  • Adding sandbag walls to it will give it more protection from bullet and explosive damage.
  • Overcrowding trenches is asking for a Panzergrenadier to clear them out, so be careful!
  • Snipers are said to do worse in trenches.
  • When you place a trench some things will come around it such as soda cans, wooden boxes and ammo boxes.
  • Trenches were used extensively in WW1.