Waffen SS

Waffen SS

 "This is Waffen-SS soldier. This is an elite soldier armed with a MP-40 submachine gun. He can fire his weapon while moving." — Official game quote

These guys can and will run through your lines if not killed quickly. They are one of the 3 German units who can move and fire at the same time, and their MP40 is more accurate than a Tommy Gun over long distances. In other words, they are a copy of your Scout, but without any recon abilities and with more rifle skill. Their job is to kill your high-priority soldiers (like a Medic or Spec Ops) while keeping on running and avoiding your infantry's bullets. A sniper, or any mid-rifle skilled soldier, could fix this dude up really good. They CAN be engaged in CQC, they will stop and fight back if engaged.

The SS move as fast as jeeps!

Look out, though, Waffen SS have their own blitz!


  • He is the guy that makes a Frenchie scream during a failed sabotage mission.
  • There is a bug that makes the Waffen SS keep moving for a few seconds after they die. This can be particularly annoying if you kill one at the bottom of the map, because if he does still reach it, he will still be counted as a flanker!